Giving Thanks


-Painting by Lita


I wish

I wish…

I wish I could stop blaming you. Pointing the finger. Bad mouthing with my spew
of judgements. What I put out there comes back to me. It only harms me and it harms you.

I believe the  political climate is a relection of our society and in deeper levels a
reflection of our families, friends, and ourselves. I read somewhere that “Our common
wealth fare should come first,  that personal recovery depends upon unity.”

How are we ever to recover mentally, emotionally, spiritually and financially if our common needs are not met?

How are we to heal if we keep looking to blame one another or blame the system instead of looking within the system, within ourselves to find the truth?

I wish I could learn to be accountable for the things I do and the things I say.  How can I expect the world leaders to fix what’s wrong unless I can do the same?

Admit to short comings and take action to change for the better.

When I feel vulnerable I wish I was brave enough to speak  my truth and I wish you were brave enough too.

I wish for authenticity.  I wish for clarity.  I wish for transparency.  I wish for safety.

Me/You/Us/Them! It’s only a mirror. There is no separation!

I wish for you and me.


I wish…

One day

Dusk at Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park and sunrise at local hot pond in Puna. One day.​ 


Orinthia’s Declaration 

“Fearlessness and confidence come not from what we do, or what we accomplish, or what we wear, or how we look, but from a deep and complete acceptance of ourselves.”

I came here to learn

In the culture of my family, friends, acquaintances, lovers, and enemies I have unknowingly engaged in the dynamics of evolutionary growth of being. 

Experiencing raw truth, rebuilding broken beliefs; a sigh of understanding,  I dance with the old and new boundaries of myself and others. In this folly, I swirl, shiver and anjalate uncovering what was always there. Me. 

The thoughts that stir my feelings of resistance. I’m afraid of the unknown. Yet, how can I fear what God as sown? My anger created walls of resentment, closing me in. Blaming without.  I cry in surrender. 

Grace, Relinquishes my hold and fear dissolves into acceptance.  

Acceptance of my own truth, I see it needs my love and support. Realizing again we are all doing the best we can. We all need acceptance, love and support whether near or far because ultimately it’s all energy. 

My life is perfectly imperfect. Unfolding as planned, I trust the bloom. My life gravitates where it will and expands where it needs. 

I am here to learn. We are here to learn. I learn and practice to pass with care. I see myself in the mirror and accept, love and support; living my best and wishing the same for others. 

We are more than we know and less than we are in the dance of this great mystery. 

Lita P

Watch “Valerie June plays “Astral Plane” in bed | MyMusicRx #Bedstock 2016″ on YouTube

“The most important thing for us creators is to shine, and to shine unapologetically. I feel like when I do that, people respond. That’s me being my truest self, me being who I came here to be.That is our job as human beings. Everybody has a reason why they came and a gift, and you have to live up to that highest potential of what you came here to do.” Valerie June


Time to bring it on

Our hope
In the wilderness….Encourage one another. Build each other up. A
flower beckons in hope of nature’s encouragement to bloom.


Lita P

picture by Lita


Sometimes what I pray for comes in experiences where I am asked to accept the challenge of what I prayed for. My life was in chaos and I prayed for peace. Peace only came when I learned to let go of the chaos. Miracles await those who believe…  What do you believe?  Do you know? Only dark shadow knows. 


photo by Lita

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