Month: August, 2017


“Love needs to be nurtured and fed to survive; and our suffering also survives because we enable and feed it. We ruminate on suffering, regret, and sorrow. We chew on them, swallow them, bring them back up, and eat them again and again. If we’re feeding our suffering while we’re walking, working, eating, or talking, we are making ourselves victims of the ghosts of the past, of the future, or our worries in the present. We’re not living our lives.”
― Thich Nhat HanhNo Mud, No Lotus: The Art of Transforming Suffering


You, Grow above it

I gaze upon the pavement

Witness grass, weeds, flowers

Push themselves through the cracks

Sidewalk mangled

Concrete lifted slabs

Make way roots they spread

Plants they grow

Freeing itself

From the confines

concrete represent

Heavy slab

Won’t hinder Nature

I reflect on challenges

Weighted resistant to change

Nature reminds me

Break through

Life proves

We and nature one in the same

We are co-creators

Responsible to one another- to grow.

Through our concrete.

Crawl from up under the slab

Rise above our challenges and be accountable.

Be accountable for words

Things we do to one another

Power of Nature resides in all of us,

It resides within me

I remember where I come from, it’s not easy

Breaking through barriers

Limited beliefs

Cruel behaviors

We are a part of Nature,

Creation lives within me, within you

My higher self reveals

The power within me

To change, break the concrete of my life.

Rise from beneath the earth, from mud to become

The Lotus.

So plant the seed, feed it, and care for it.

Surround it with sunshine and adequate water.

Love the seed.

Love the self.

Keep it safe from harm.

Surround the seed,

With those that truly accept it.

Love and Acceptance, sunshine and water.

Rich soil nourishes, Nature inclines

Born to be loved, nurtured

Born to be whole

I will grow above it,

At all cost, my right to be

Expand my roots

Mangle the slab

In every direction of life

Who that seek

Within, will do the same

Lean in, Co-exist

The way of nature


Giving Thanks


-Painting by Lita

I wish

I wish…

I wish I could stop blaming you. Pointing the finger. Bad mouthing with my spew
of judgements. What I put out there comes back to me. It only harms me and it harms you.

I believe the  political climate is a relection of our society and in deeper levels a
reflection of our families, friends, and ourselves. I read somewhere that “Our common
wealth fare should come first,  that personal recovery depends upon unity.”

How are we ever to recover mentally, emotionally, spiritually and financially if our common needs are not met?

How are we to heal if we keep looking to blame one another or blame the system instead of looking within the system, within ourselves to find the truth?

I wish I could learn to be accountable for the things I do and the things I say.  How can I expect the world leaders to fix what’s wrong unless I can do the same?

Admit to short comings and take action to change for the better.

When I feel vulnerable I wish I was brave enough to speak  my truth and I wish you were brave enough too.

I wish for authenticity.  I wish for clarity.  I wish for transparency.  I wish for safety.

Me/You/Us/Them! It’s only a mirror. There is no separation!

I wish for you and me.


I wish…

One day

Dusk at Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park and sunrise at local hot pond in Puna. One day.​ 


Orinthia’s Declaration 

“Fearlessness and confidence come not from what we do, or what we accomplish, or what we wear, or how we look, but from a deep and complete acceptance of ourselves.”

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