I came here to learn

by journieus

In the culture of my family, friends, acquaintances, lovers, and enemies I have unknowingly engaged in the dynamics of evolutionary growth of being. 

Experiencing raw truth, rebuilding broken beliefs; a sigh of understanding,  I dance with the old and new boundaries of myself and others. In this folly, I swirl, shiver and anjalate uncovering what was always there. Me. 

The thoughts that stir my feelings of resistance. I’m afraid of the unknown. Yet, how can I fear what God as sown? My anger created walls of resentment, closing me in. Blaming without.  I cry in surrender. 

Grace, Relinquishes my hold and fear dissolves into acceptance.  

Acceptance of my own truth, I see it needs my love and support. Realizing again we are all doing the best we can. We all need acceptance, love and support whether near or far because ultimately it’s all energy. 

My life is perfectly imperfect. Unfolding as planned, I trust the bloom. My life gravitates where it will and expands where it needs. 

I am here to learn. We are here to learn. I learn and practice to pass with care. I see myself in the mirror and accept, love and support; living my best and wishing the same for others. 

We are more than we know and less than we are in the dance of this great mystery. 

Lita P