My Rhetoric 

by journieus

Omg! Enough of the rhetoric!  Can we stop with the talking in circles and say what we mean? Stop trying to influence me! I’m a visual person and I learn by example. I won’t allow myself to be part of the madness. I need to step up, step out & shut up!!  I’m wasting my time with all my expectations and suffering in the chaos. If I want equality I must treat people as my equal. If I want justice I need to treat people justly. If I want to be heard, I probably ought to listen. You get what I’m saying?  My issue is that I’m teetering on narssisim and I want what I want. The flow of cause and effect is activated if I create the effect too.  What am I waiting for? It’s an illusion to think good things will happen to me and I’m suppose to have happy feelings 24/7. Life is about change and in that change is a butt load of heartache.  Ouch! 

What I perceive to be difficult is only the lesson.