Month: December, 2016

It’s not your fault 

Hey little girl, don’t let your hair down. Do not let him see you cry. Better you keep it deep inside and play the silly clown. Smiling so gladly, but feeling so sadly because he can’t be found. He’s painting the town.  So make sure to pretend how great it has all been. Keeping pushing that square peg in the round of your head because you gotta fit in to the mold that spells win. 

By Lita


The Raven Speaks

What does it whisper to you?

My Rhetoric 

Omg! Enough of the rhetoric!  Can we stop with the talking in circles and say what we mean? Stop trying to influence me! I’m a visual person and I learn by example. I won’t allow myself to be part of the madness. I need to step up, step out & shut up!!  I’m wasting my time with all my expectations and suffering in the chaos. If I want equality I must treat people as my equal. If I want justice I need to treat people justly. If I want to be heard, I probably ought to listen. You get what I’m saying?  My issue is that I’m teetering on narssisim and I want what I want. The flow of cause and effect is activated if I create the effect too.  What am I waiting for? It’s an illusion to think good things will happen to me and I’m suppose to have happy feelings 24/7. Life is about change and in that change is a butt load of heartache.  Ouch! 

What I perceive to be difficult is only the lesson. 



My father was not a philosophical man. He was actually a tyrant when I was growing up. Yet these words he spoke ring true time and time again.  He said, “Bad things that people say or do will always be revealed. We don’t know when, but bet my words, it will surface in time.” Funny, those words rang true for mistakes he did in his lifetime and same with mine.  Being revealed exposes us and challenges us to change for the better. Some people are up for the challenge and some are not. Whatever the case, when it is revealed I am grateful to know who I truly am and thankful to know who you are. Then I am better able to navigate through this world with people, places and things. 

Thank you Great Mystery. 

Love, Lita


My memories live in yesterday, my faith grows in the future while my thoughts dance in and out of my perception I think is now…


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