Month: January, 2016

The Tribe


We hear the rain
Dancing on the earth
The Ancestors play their song
In the circle we sit
We each have our place
Bitter and yet so sweet
We lose our elders
To the birth of new life
As we plan for a union
Of husband and wife
Our tribe unfolds
Into a beautiful time
Of loving, Of sharing
Of heartache & strife
We sing in our circle
The story of life



The One

I am right where I am supposed to be

You are right where you are supposed to be

If we learn to trust

Trust the divine within us

Crazy, Open to life

acting on life

refuse to react

Look what is in front of you

listen without clinging

to the past, to the future

We are right where we are supposed to be

Let your conscious be your guide

I begin again



God didn’t make little green apples

My Father

Alone and abandoned by the age of 8

Mommy is dead,  Daddy is a raging alcoholic

Running, hiding from the enemy

digging through trash to find something to eat

for himself for his 5 brothers and sisters

 the struggles of his life

kept him running

no where

there was no somewhere for cultivation

of character

for mind

for heart

for spirit

I am proof of that

Now it is my obligation

to be here

learn from the past

So that I

can live today





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