Month: May, 2013

Cindi Silva

Dear Cindi,
I only met you last fall,but it felt I had known you forever.
God Bless you on your new journey.
You were a good friend.
Love Always,


When you believe in yourself…

Everything will seem so different
Individually more beautiful than before
When the closest thing to mind was can’t
You’ll now realize a lifetime of more.

The beauty of all things will shine through
Sunrises, birds and those sincerely kind
Will be suddenly and endlessly priceless to you
Yet nothing has changed but your peace of mind.

To be strong isn’t easy for anyone
Achievement and success are hard to judge
But to revolve around battles to be won
Is to hold against thy life a grudge.

But, if we set goals of pleasant opportunities
To learn, see, and do all we can.
The difficulties will change to mediocrities
And success within thyself is close at hand.

Elizabeth Ann Kilborn


“Ask for knowledge of your true self, and in that Life will teach you to be selfless, igniting action of healing. Learning and understanding that love does not hurt in giving and receiving.” 10/04/87


Dragonflies spend the majority of their lifetime in an immature larval state, 2-5 years before transforming into an adult. After this point they crawl from the water, break free from their shells at a soft spot on the back of their heads, and take flight. Their time spent as adults is but a small fraction […]


Hatred does not cease by hatred, but only by love; this is the eternal rule.                                                                                 […]

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