We don’t look up anymore…

by journieus


We don't look up anymore...It’s everywhere…in our homes, in the restrooms, in the stores, in the parks, on the streets, at the bus stop. We are consumed with our electronic devices. Obsessing with our FACEBOOK status. How many friends do I have? And how many of them are truly friends? We communicate so much and have nothing to say. We are still lonely and ever more confused. What is happening in this world? Could it be that we are not looking up enough? Looking to the Sun, the blue sky, the stars and the Moon? Looking for our Higher Self and learning to get connected and stay connected to the Source? We all have the capabilities to hone into our body intelligence. Our intuition needs the Source to keep us connected, to keep us grounded, to help us listen to the still small voice of reason. We all need guidance to do the right thing for ourselves and for humanity. Our thoughts and our actions are truly a ripple effect throughout the Universe. God Speed. Love, Lita photo: popularblogsite.com