Learning new tools for weight managment

by journieus

– You listen again to your internal cues of hunger and satisfaction instead of trying to follow strict or arbitrary rules about your eating.

– You build a strong foundation of nutrition information and choose from all foods freely to meet your needs instead of trying every fad diet that comes along.

– You are physically active because it gives you energy, stress relief and an active metabolism instead of exercising to punish yourself or earn the right to eat.

– You eat foods you really enjoy without guilt instead of depriving yourself or bingeing.

– You eat mindfully in a manner that nourishes your body, mind and soul instead of eating unconsciously or obsessing over every bite of food.

– You become aware of your thoughts, feelings and actions and how they affect you instead of judging yourself because you didn’t follow a program rigidly.

– You create a self-care buffer zone and meet your true needs instead of eating too much or neglecting yourself.

– You connect with your higher self to help you learn these new tools for weight management and continue your journey toward a fulfilling, vibrant life.

from: Am I Hungry? P.L.L.C. -Michelle May MD Image
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