The Full Moon-Mystery of Mysteries

by journieus


(January 21st – February 19th)

In our solar system the sun is now rapidly moving into the sign of Aquarius and so its power will continue to grow and affect changes in our planetary life. It is, therefore, an important sign, an air sign which penetrates and permeates and affects consciousness and so also the environment. Humanity as a whole is slowly and with effort moving out of Pisces, from an intense self-awareness into the group awareness of the world server in Aquarius. This does not mean losing the awareness of one’s own identity and dissolving into a mass mindedness, for the true Aquarian retains self-awareness while experiencing universality.
As the world begins to respond to the Aquarian principles and ideals of brotherhood, love, service and inclusiveness the keynotes of this sign will emerge more clearly. They are 1. a sensitive humanitarian awareness. 2. service to humanity, and 3. action on behalf of Hierarchy. For these are the qualities of a world server whose awareness covers not only humanity but also the Hierarchy, the Plan that they place before us, those whom the Plan serves and those who serve the Plan.
At this full moon Festival, the energies that flow through the constellation of Aquarius are dominated by the second ray of love and wisdom, the fourth ray of harmony through conflict and the seventh ray of order and organization . This not only establishes relationships but helps to anchor spiritual energy in material form. Thus Aquarius stimulates the capacity to love, share, be compassionate and inclusive. Today these qualities are badly needed to penetrate and dissolve the hard crystallised energies of selfishness and separateness which dominate the world scene. These attitudes will be swept aside as the new energies transform the mind, the heart and the behaviour of mankind.
The Aquarian state of consciousness, as demonstrated by those servers who aid their fellow men and women, will slowly permeate society and produce the new in all areas of life. The New Group of World Servers can do this by studying the major ideas of Aquarius and tuning in to their energies. As they try to live the ideas of love and brotherhood and sharing, Aquarian energies will transform them and ultimately society.
In Aquarius the disciple moves on to the experience of initiation and so it is a sign of consummation. The disciple has learnt to control the personality after long and continued effort and is now ready for the next step, from individual effort and living to group work and service. Group consciousness becomes the new way of functioning and living as the disciple realizes more and more the Oneness of all life. Men and women become aware of an interior integration and synthesis, which is global, between group members who may live in many different countries and whom they have never met. This occurs as a result of their meditational work which links them and gives them the strength of the group. This occurs whether they work alone or in small local groups. This worldwide network of aspiring and intelligent disciples brings about a firmer alignment between humanity and the Spiritual Hierarchy and a more potent flow of energy from the Masters to humanity.
By joining together in meditation at this time of the full moon of Aquarius, we are able to expand the consciousness of all women and men and so help forward their entry into, and participation in, the benefits of the new age. Three of these are Opportunity, Illumination and Brotherhood. In the past the rich and the powerful have brought about much change, but now we will all have the opportunity to institute the changes that are necessary. Secondly, there will be the spreading of the light of the soul, intuitive and illuminating and thirdly this will bring about the growth of right human relationships which will produce harmony and Brotherhood.
Water is the symbol of life the symbol of the living spirit in us and we find that Aquarius is the water carrier, the man bearing a pitcher of water on his shoulders given freely to those in need. The disciple as server takes this as the seed thought or keynote in meditation, as it sums up and includes all the unfolding potency of the new age that we are now entering. . “Water of life am I, poured forth for thirsty men.”