Ring around The Rosie

We carry our curse through our negative beliefs. Hard wired for disaster only a master decoder can unscramble the encryption of the heart mind. Fueled by failure it’s only in the dark I see.

Breathe. Wait for it.

The dirt beneath my nails reveal the struggle. I’m only pretending in a world I believe I make. And I don’t want to care anymore. It’s too painful to be aware.

Lita P


“Things which m…

“Things which matter most must never be at the mercy of things which matter least.”

Enough God

“Am I ok with my capacity?” Or is it, “Am I ok that you may or may not be ok with my capacity?”

Reflection: Acceptance of my own capacity is another way of accepting my humanity. That I am God (good) enough just the way I am. Although my God doesn’t want me to stay where I am.

God wants the very best for me.

by Audra/Lita

Photo by Lita

When all else fails…

I go back to the basics. I was pulled over by the CHP going 85 mph on a posted speed limit of 70. I told the officer I was following the flow of traffic. Yet, I withheld that I was focused on getting where I was going. Luckily the officer gave me a warning and I read it as my Higher Power was giving me a warning. Beware of the entrapment of doing. Be mindful of the process and where I want to be in all of it. (Keyword: BE) I was focused on the destination instead of living in the process of where I was. Driving down a beautiful highway surrounded by the Sierra Redwood trees.

I can get entangled in life and wonder where am I? I eventually come back to myself and realize I’m taking in too much and I need to get back to the basics. Let go and let God. Let’s start there again.

Lita P

Picture by Lita

“Garden in a valley on the ocean”

A moment in time

I stand before thee

Inhale fresh Qi and exhale excess Qi

Untangle release deeply I breathe

I am Star energy one with Mother Earth

Lita P

Photo by Lita

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Bring me back to a place where the air is fresh and water flows clean. I am only 1 person yet I play a part in the bigger scheme of things. How I live my life affects the world I live in. Love it and live it wisely.

Lita P

photo by Lita


I’m learning to not people please and people are not pleased. I’ve out grown my little box they’ve unknowingly put me. I was safe in their eyes. Just a little water, just a little sun will keep. But I’m growing, I am evolving, I am pushing my boundaries, stepping out side the inner circle. Isn’t that why we are here? It’s a personal excavation. Digging and sifting through the dirt and debris. Finding treasures to keep and discard what doesn’t belong. My roots are expanding and there is so much to see and do. I’ve been boxed up for so long. I want to make the most of my life and hope the people I’ve loved will still love me and realize it’s not them…it’s just me.

Lita P

4 corners

Sisters, living and learning in the four directions of our lives. 


“Love needs to be nurtured and fed to survive; and our suffering also survives because we enable and feed it. We ruminate on suffering, regret, and sorrow. We chew on them, swallow them, bring them back up, and eat them again and again. If we’re feeding our suffering while we’re walking, working, eating, or talking, we are making ourselves victims of the ghosts of the past, of the future, or our worries in the present. We’re not living our lives.”
― Thich Nhat HanhNo Mud, No Lotus: The Art of Transforming Suffering

You, Grow above it

I gaze upon the pavement

Witness grass, weeds, flowers

Push themselves through the cracks

Sidewalk mangled

Concrete lifted slabs

Make way roots they spread

Plants they grow

Freeing itself

From the confines

concrete represent

Heavy slab

Won’t hinder Nature

I reflect on challenges

Weighted resistant to change

Nature reminds me

Break through

Life proves

We and nature one in the same

We are co-creators

Responsible to one another- to grow.

Through our concrete.

Crawl from up under the slab

Rise above our challenges and be accountable.

Be accountable for words

Things we do to one another

Power of Nature resides in all of us,

It resides within me

I remember where I come from, it’s not easy

Breaking through barriers

Limited beliefs

Cruel behaviors

We are a part of Nature,

Creation lives within me, within you

My higher self reveals

The power within me

To change, break the concrete of my life.

Rise from beneath the earth, from mud to become

The Lotus.

So plant the seed, feed it, and care for it.

Surround it with sunshine and adequate water.

Love the seed.

Love the self.

Keep it safe from harm.

Surround the seed,

With those that truly accept it.

Love and Acceptance, sunshine and water.

Rich soil nourishes, Nature inclines

Born to be loved, nurtured

Born to be whole

I will grow above it,

At all cost, my right to be

Expand my roots

Mangle the slab

In every direction of life

Who that seek

Within, will do the same

Lean in, Co-exist

The way of nature


Zoe Ann Taylor

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