They don’t have to change for me to have a life

Happy Earth Day

In this

We’re all on the same playing field

We’re all learning what is important to us

We’re all deepening our closes relationships

We’re all experiencing our deepest fears

We’re all expanding our feelings of gratitude

We’re all under a bluer sky and blanketed with a night of star lit skies

We’re all in the ebb and flow of our fear and joy and anger and love

We’re all grieving the world “before” with people and places

We’re all delving deeper within ourselves

We’re all being tested on how we respond to life’s challenges

We’re all IN THIS together


Wake up

Precious Moments

“Birth and death reminds us of how precious life is and in between birth and death, we live our lives. Let us remember how precious life is everyday of our lives.” 02/11/20. Lp

*Outrageous Openess

*Letting the Divine take the lead

By Tosha Silver


The dancer in me is powerless to the dance

Like the entanglement of my lover’s promises

My movement conveys my spinning tutu

Reluctant forgiveness for a forbidden leap

My body moves me – Prancing

Pass the window

The sunrise flows



A wandering off a beaten path

Many roads of perceptions

A venture inheritance

Kaleidoscope of wisdom

Reveals the obscured

An act of contrition

Buries the departed

And the soul rejuvenates



Tales from a junky

She uses because she feels defeated

She is defeated because she uses

A sorrow so long forgotten

So deep it seems out of reach

If only she could come out of hiding

So the light can reveal the pain

Then maybe there can be forgiveness

And her beautiful being can shine again



Dear Self,

I forgive you for all the wrong doings you have done to others and the harm you have done to yourself. I know you have made amends where it was possible. I know you are also working on living amends. Remember progress, not perfection. You are a hurt being from past generations-no one to blame, but understanding why the work can be so challenging. Never give up. Continue to be kind to yourself and others. You are doing the best you can. Be true to yourself and stay connected to the Source. Pray for others. Pray for Peace. Pray for recovery everyday.

Love, Me


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